Finding the right Doula for you!

Finding the right Doula is like buying your first home- you will just know. When buying your first home they always say you will know when it’s the right one. (You will have a feeling). So you go from house to house on your search and finally you walk into a house and you never want to leave! You get that feeling that everyone has told you about, you have found your home!

You will have that same feeling when you find the right Doula to support your birth! Trust me- you will know!

Some of the things you can think of when starting your search is- How much money do I want to spend on a Doula? What kind of experience is important to me? Do I want a Doula who's had children? Do I want a Doula who has no children? What other services would I want my Doula to offer? (ie: photography, write birth stories, belly casting, prenatal classes etc.) A good overall question would be WHY do I want a Doula?

Once you have answered all your questions and reasons of why you want a Doula, you can start your search. Some ways you can find your Doula is by word of mouth, searching Doula organizations in your area, online support groups, or simply our friend google :).

You have found a few Doula's that possibly fit your match. Contact them, see what they offer, ask questions, and if you feel right about them, schedule a consultation. Where to meet you ask? A local coffee shop is a great place to meet for the first time!

It's very important to do your research, know what you want, and ask a lot of questions. You will be sharing one of the most personal and precious moments of your life. So most importantly your personalities must click and you have to feel comfortable with that person.

There is a right Doula for everyone!